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"A Chat with Alexandra Bowman"

Georgetown University

"Georgetown Student Starts First-Of-Its-Kind Political Comedy Show"

Alex created Georgetown University's political comedy webseries, The Hilltop Show, which aims to make campus, national, and international issues accessible to those who might not typically engage with the news or current events. The show team creates semi-journalistic pieces and comedic sketches, as well as interviews with political practitioners and figures in media and pop culture.

Alex is the show's Founder, President, Host, Lead Coordinator, Creative Director, Lead Researcher, and Lead Video Editor. 


Find out more about the Hilltop Show on our website. Their sketches, monologues, and other videos can be found on their YouTube channel.

Through The Hilltop Show, Alex sat down with Pixar Animation Head of Story Kelsey Mann to talk about his new film, Onward, and what it's like crafting stories for the world's top animation studio.


Special thanks to Walt Disney Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, George Washington University and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.