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May 2022
  • "[title of show]" Shines With Glittering Talent and Originality at Dominion Stage
    • "The core triumph of [title of show]? Showing me how many creative writing deadlines I have needlessly stressed out about because I didn’t think to do my creative writing assignment about needlessly stressing out about the creative writing assignment. Can I write this review about what it was like to write this review? My editor said no. Worth a shot."
  • The gala night Jon Stewart Got the Mark Twain Prize at the Kennedy Center
    • "Especially as a young person hoping to work in political satire, the larger-than-life experience of attending the Mark Twain Prize ceremony was a formative one that I will not soon forget. While the tickets for this gala are not inexpensive for casual comedy lovers, those who are able to acquire them should absolutely seek to attend coming years’ Mark Twain Prize galas, if simply for the chance to experience briefly being inside the world of those figures we know and love from stage and screen."
    • (Represented DCTA at the annual Mark Twain Prize red carpet gala at the Kennedy Center)​

March 2022


February 2022


  • What's So Funny About John Oliver?
    • A preview of John Oliver's 2021 performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. that doubles as a 2000-word research paper analyzing British humor and Last Week Tonight's journalistic approach to comedy. 
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Second City DCTA Review
Jan Karski DCTA Article
John Oliver Article DCTA

Weekly Humorist

October 2021

The Broadway Beat


The Society of Professional Journalists

(SPJ) News

September 2021

September 2020

  • C-SPAN’s Jesse J. Holland: Commentators are journalists, too

    • "​Jesse J. Holland, Saturday host for the C-SPAN Washington Journal, wants young journalists to understand important distinctions within the field of journalism and to be educated consumers of media. Holland explained to EIJ News that multiple categories of work exist under the umbrella of journalism: including reporters, commentators and columnists."

Inside Higher Education

June 2021

  • Complain: Educatedly

    • ​"When advocating against injustice, one must first put their own adversity, such as discomforts from the pandemic, in perspective, writes student Alexandra Bowman."

The Georgetown Footnote

May 2021

  • T.S. Eliot Told You So

    • "​A year after writing "Cats Can have a (Reluctantly) Positive Review" for The Georgetown Independent, I had the opportunity to read T. S. Eliot’s essay “Tradition and the Individual Talent.” In this essay, Eliot asserts what makes ‘good’ art, describes what the duty of ‘the artist’ is in creating new work, and declares the vital importance of respecting ‘tradition.’ This essay made me realize that Cats the movie failed because it broke its co-creator’s own rules."


The Georgetown Independent


I previously served as the Creative Director and Cover Artist for The Georgetown Independent, the Georgetown University student journal for the arts and culture. I was also a staff writer, reviewing films and television, and commenting on developments in popular culture and film. Cover art I created for "The Indy" can be viewed in my illustration portfolio. 

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